Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Surgery Day - October 17, 2012

Today was surgery day. I didn't sleep really well last night. I had dreams about the surgery where it was done on a couch, and I needed a graft... Let's just say anxiety was high.

We got the kids out the door...Lolo took them to school while J took me to the National Melanoma Center at Washington Hospital Center.

9am Nurse Robin took us back and had me laughing so hard, it really reduced my stress. We ended up weighing not only me...but my purse! Can you believe it weighs 8 pounds?!?

9:15am The Nurse Yvonne took me back to the OR. J sat in the chair that would be at the top right or my head...and I got into my gown. He stayed there the ENTIRE TIME.

Then Dr. V came in. What a sweet guy...with handsome look and bedside manner that all doctors could learn from. He prepped the area and started the music...he picked a Coldplay song on YouTube, it was calming.

9:20am Dr. V proceeded to inject lidocaine all around the area.

But J knew me better and when that one was over...he played a different Coldplay song.

Then we remembered my phone plays pandora!

Pandora played while Dr. V continued. Dr. V started laughing and said "I love this game!" It took me a minute to realize he was talking..."guess that artist" with the music. We all laughed.

It took 6 syringes...2 more than originally thought to anesthetize the area.

While we played "guess the artist," Dr. V proceeded to cut out a diamond shape out of my back...the kids thought it looked like Israel way back...and Unc thought more a female private part...I will go with diamond.

I was really nervous that I would begin to feel it. But the sound was the worst...not the sound from the outside...but sort of hearing the cutting from the when you are under water. It is hard to described.

So at first it was the cutting...and then it was the cauterization sounds...the worst. The sound of the zaps going *into* your body....remember he dug out all the tissue down to the muscle. That zap sounded like it was going into a cavern. It not only made a sound...but had an echo...and a reverberation!

Then came the stitches. Layer one...about 4. Layer 2 about 5...but before he got to layer 3...he had to do something I wasn't expecting. In order to stitch the two sides together to form the line, he had to detach the layer of skin from the tissue when you want to put the spices and margarine under the skin of a turkey.

That sound...I can't even go there. Think of removing a hem stitch...but fast...

Then it was finished up with 12 stitches on top.

I was dressed and we were on our way home.

10:50am I was in the car and sent out a message saying: Done and on the way home! Though we have to stop and get worms for Fuego! Results should be in by Friday or Monday to confirm complete removal. 

But what we really did:
1. Stop at the kids' school to let them see for themselves that I was fine.
2. Stop for sushi buffet lunch.
3. Stop to get worms for Fuego!

We got home and I was still feeling ok...until about 2pm when I guess the lidocaine started wearing off!

And now I lay flat on my back.

I am so thankful for the support I have, but most of all for the amazing husband and life partner...he is a gift, the love of my life. To sit their and watch as they did I could see him the entire time and feel reassured was tremendous. I can't imagine.

Calls and texts from friends and family were wonderful. Also, two fun deliveries were made - one from my Board and Staff - and the other from the Federation I work closely with. It was so nice, thoughtful and truly made my spirits lift. Here is to mending quickly...early detection...and being cancer free.