Friday, August 24, 2012

"Diagnosis Day" Cancer. Second Biopsy

Don't know how I feel about that word. Today I got diagnosed with cancer. It is just stage 1a melanoma. But it is cancer. Don't know where this journey will take me.

Running thoughts:
1. "survival rate for 5 years 97% and 95% for 10 years"- best odds...but my heart sank to hear those words...survival.rate.
2. All first generation relatives must be checked. Parents, siblings, children....
A. someone gonna tell Bio? Or did he have it already and not even tell me.
B. Lolo and her will they check her? What if she needs a biopsy?
C. When can I get the kids do I tell them.
3. I have not cried. I feel ok about it all.
4. Do I tell anyone? This is not a whoa is many others have so much more going much worse diagnoses...this is caught early, best case scenario, don't need to have the drama.

Cancer. Damn I was stupid....dear 16 year old me is right.

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