Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Day 13" - 13th Anniversary and a visit to the Melanoma Center

Today J and I spent our 13th Anniversary on a field trip. We drove down to the Washington Hospital Center in DC - it shares a campus with Children's Hospital, so we know that drive pretty well.

We found parking and waited for our turn. There was a fish-tank in the lobby - so it was nice to small talk about something we know well. The nursing staff was tremendous, I mean in their depth - not their size or numbers. As we answered question after question they really made us feel as comfortable as we could. Even having J answer many of the questions as - who would really trust me to answer them! Team effort as we ping-ponged.

The most uncomfortable part, for the both of us, was having Dr. V check me out head to toe and every crevasse in between to make sure nothing was missed.

Did you know there is a frame of reference on your back called a "nipple line?" It is what it sounds like...but as I think about it how accurate a reference is it? All nipples don't line up...and what if  you are wearing a different bra?

Anyway, the bottom line is they did another biopsy of one on my back, right side now (other two were on my left side). Those cells are going to Boston to be read. And my others are going to Boston to get a second opinion as well.

Hoping to hear back by Friday or Monday about both!!

We are going to wait to schedule surgery until after the second opinion comes back. But the good news is he feels like he can do the surgery without a skin graft!! So W is off the hook:)

J did promise me that for our 14th Anniversary we would do something more fun!

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