Monday, September 10, 2012

"Day 18" - More good news!

Today we got the good news we were waiting for. The second independent lab confirmed that the first biopsy is a melanoma and it is Stage 1a! It might even be thinner than we originally thought - so not .5mm but possibly as small as .37mm. That is good!

The second biopsy is not melanoma - but an atypical mole, they treat that with the same excision as they do the other...and since they are so close, one surgery will get them both.

My sister's wedding is September 30th and the doctor is more worried about me traveling within 14 days of surgery because of infection - than waiting for the surgery, as it has now been confirmed 1a.

Surgery is scheduled for October 17th - 9am.

Deep breaths. This is good news.

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